Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas 2018


Merry Christmas & Happy New New!

I hope that you had a wonderful festive period and managed to get a few moments of relaxation!

I had a very busy holiday season – hence the lack of updates.  My adventures and Days Out With Dad ended up revolving around my own Dad going into hospital for an operation and visiting him.  It’s all fine now though, so that means we can look forward to an exciting 2019.  

I have lots of ideas in the pipeline – a big focus on outdoor (and indoor rainy day) activity ideas that you can do wherever you live.  I’ll still add in trips to various attractions around the country and also an exciting overseas trip is in the pipeline – more details to follow.

Over Christmas we had a quick look at the Bournemouth Christmas Tree Festival – check out the very short video below.

How to get there

Days Out With DaD

What Will Your Next Adventure Be?

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